1960 Plymouth Valiant V200 (4Dr Sedan)

170ci 148hp InLine 6cyl Push Button Transmission, A/C (Its all here!)


1960 Plymouth Valiant V-200 (4dr Sedan)

So Ugly its So Cool!

You would think that one would have to have really bad taste in style to love this little 1960 Valiant but you would be wrong!  While you do need to acquire a taste for such a car, so many have.  When this car first came out in 1960, it was said that it is so ugly, that Plymouth refused to put there name on it…. In 1960, Plymouth, the maker of these first year  little orphans, never put the name “Plymouth” on the car anywhere.  The name “Plymouth” did not appear on the Valiant until 1961.  While this story may just be a rumor, these facts remain true.

Nearly 200,000 Valiants were produced in 1960 yet these very inexpensive classics are barely seen today in any condition. Most that are still around, have been drastically changed or customized in some form or another.  A limited few remain as they left the factory, Like This One.  

In 1960, these cars could be bought for between $2000-$2400 and were considered through away cars which is what people did with them.  The truth is, you cant kill these cars.  The 170ci 6cylinder engine will literally run forever without much attention to it.  The transmissions were bulletproof and the car itself did not rust away unless abused. Today, there are Valiant Clubs and enthusiasts all over the world looking for them. We consider ourselves lucky to find this one.

This Valiant shows in its original color of Oyster White with Blue interior.  Starting with the body, it is straight and rust free.  We can find no evidence of it ever being damaged.  Paint is strong with no dents or dings.  No bubbling either.  Bumpers and chrome are shiny and dent free but not perfect (no pitting).  They are original. The car still has its original Mylar molding around the front windshield and rear window.  This car also has the famed “Toilet Seat” trunk lid.  Take a look to see why they called it that!

The interior seating appears as if it has been redone at some point in its original NOS material.  Today, it looks like new as does the dash and all of its trim.  Everything works as it should including the AM radio.  Back in the day, these radios still had tubes, not transistors, so give it 30seconds to warm up and shes perfect.  Its amazing that its survived so long.  The car has Air Conditioning and the old Chrysler label right where Chrysler would have put it.  Im not sure if A Valiant could have came with AC in 1960 but this one has it.  It may have been Dealer installed but I just dont know.  The good thing is; it has it now!

The engine starts right up, runs great, drives straight and stops perfectly… Just as it did in 1960.  No better… No worse!  Its 56years old and original.  Amazing!  Transmission shifts beautifully.  Brakes are done,  Tires have plenty of skin left.  The engine needs nothing.  The undercarriage is clean and 100% rust free but is original.

You shouldnt miss out on this one..  It is a truly a very special car with a very special history that will not break the bank for sure.  Try it,…Youll like it !

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Status: For Sale
Price: $14,900
Year: 1960
Make: Plymouth
Model: Valiant V200
Body Style: 4Dr Sedan
Stock No.: F60VAL4
VIN Number: 1307130584
Condition: Excellent
Exterior Color: Oyster White
Interior Color: Blue
Engine: 170ci 6cyl 148hp
Transmission: 3Speed Pushbutton Automatic
Drivetrain: RWD
Type: Cars
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