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The Classic Car Marketplace

In todays struggling economy many people pose the question “Where Do I Invest My Money?” The stock market is unpredictable, real-estate is inconsistent, and interest rates offer little to no value on your investments. With little or no place to turn, classic car enthusiasts have found that the classic car market place is a perfect investment. Whether you invest in a high dollar rare grade classic or an every day driver quality cars, your investment is sure to increase while at the same time, you will surely enjoy it as well.

A Few Reasons Why Classic Cars Values will increase!

  • Availability: The internet has made it incredibly easy to find classic cars. At the touch of a button you can search through millions of classic cars that are for sale and choose the ones that you believe will have the biggest impact on your portfolio. With a little research and valuation tools like NADA and Haggerty you can find the exact prices you should pay for every type of vehicle.
  • Rarity: As time rolls on more and more classic cars are found rotting away. This unfortunate truth helps raise the value of vehicles that are well kept. Inevitably, the more cars that disappear, the more rare they become, the more the car increases in value.
  • Demand: Believe it or not the classic car market is tremendous. The demand for classic cars is soaring. Just take a look at the major classic car auctions on TV. Barret Jackson, Mecum, Auctions America have hundreds of thousands of viewer flocking to their auctions to purchase a classic automobile and become part of the investment community. Its an incredibly fun hobby that can also be lucrative.
  • Restorations: Making old things new! Thats the name of the game. People want things restored, but don’t have the means or know-how to do so. American Pickers, Graveyard Cars, Wheeler Dealers are popular examples of television success stories that transform antiques back to their original state then sell them off to paying customers. Although this strategy becomes more of a risk it brings with it a better chance of turning a profit. “The Greater the Risk, the Greater the Reward.”
  • Parts/Manufacturers: With Classic Cars becoming more and more popular, companies are finding it beneficial to manufacture NOS parts/products for every type of vehicle. This makes buying cars more fun and more practical. If something goes wrong it can now easily be fixed at affordable prices.

Although no investments are guaranteed, Classic Cars are an incredibly safe investment. As long as they are used and cared for they will surely maintain & increase in value as time rolls on.

Visit your local Classic Car families like Fiore Motors, Fiore Motor Classics located in Old Bethpage, Long Island New York and get started with your Classic Investment.

TRADES ARE ACCEPTED FOR ORIGINAL, RESTORED OR UNRESTORED CLASSICS!             Please … NO Hotrods, One-Off creations, Tubbed or Recreated cars.  We specialized in True Classics of the 30s through the 70s but other decades will be considered.





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