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FMC specializes in locating unrestored SURVIVOR class vehicles of every kind.  The word Survivor is specific to a classic car that is completely original and unrestored in every way.  Original interior, original engine and all original paint.  A touch up in a small spot or two wont hurt but the fewer of those, the better.  The thought of a classic vehicle that has never been changed or modified in any way, since its purchase many decades ago, is incredible!  The ideal case would be the classic that is so well taken care of, that it looks like new.  Other impressive features about a Survivor class car like this would include any original documentation that came with the car such as a bill of sale, a window sticker, a build sheet or even an original brochure.  Additionally, a one-owner history, documented low-mileage or anything that reflects the originality of the car will [...]

“Moving Investments”

The Classic Car Marketplace

In todays struggling economy many people pose the question “Where Do I Invest My Money?” The stock market is unpredictable, real-estate is inconsistent, and interest rates offer little to no value on your investments. With little or no place to turn, classic car enthusiasts have found that the classic car market place is a perfect investment. Whether you invest in a high dollar rare grade classic or an every day driver quality cars, your investment is sure to increase while at the same time, you will surely enjoy it as well.

A Few Reasons Why Classic Cars Values will increase!
  • Availability: The internet has made it incredibly easy to find classic cars. At the touch of a button you can search through millions of classic cars that are for sale and choose the ones that you believe will have the biggest impact on your portfolio. With a little research and valuation [...]

Classic and Vintage automobiles are often very delicate and difficult to maintain — and it’s no secret that things go wrong when cars sit idle for long periods of time. When the area is ill equipped such as a cluttered garage or an exposed outdoor pop-up garage you’re setting yourself up for disaster that will cost thousands. When you store your classic car at a facility like Fiore Motors, you can be rest assured your car will maintain its perfection.

Our facility is fully equipped to store your vehicle year round, ensuring its safekeeping and maintenance. Continuous battery tending saves you hundreds of dollars on replacement batteries. Car covers keep the dust and exterior particles from creating a home on your expensive paint. Full time heat keeps your engine seals nice an lubricated to slow down the deteriorating process. And A fully insured facility full of classic car experts gives you the piece of mind that [...]

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